At the age of 50 I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease.  I decided to do everything I could to combat the progression of this neurological disorder.  Shooting baskets and playing guitar were some activities from my youth that I returned to.  I added tai chi, massage, acupuncture, riding  bikes and kayaking to the list of traditional and non traditional treatments for Parkinsons.  I took my medicine and suffered the side effects which made me feel like I was going crazy.  Some job changes, medication adjustments and alot of heart searching resulted in the peaceful coexistence I share with the wrotten roomate in my body, Mr. Parkinson. Parkinson tries to steal my facial expression, my voice, my ability to swallow, my handwriting.  He made it difficult to pull myself up on the horse or swing my leg over the bike seat to go for a ride.  Although I have Parkinson’s, he can’t have me. I will not let my voice and my mobility be taken away by this uninvited guest.  I am moving on down the road.

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